Parts of fire engineering in Beijing OUTLETS were completed by HYXD, including design, installation and maintenance. Fire engineering in Saite Outlets is extremely strict and the accomplishment of such project can reveal the strong technical strength of HYXD. Beijing Saite Outlets
The fire engineering equipment of Beijing Four Seasons Hotel is supplied by Beijing Hengyuanxinda Technology Group Co., Ltd., including indoor-set hydrant system, automatic sprinkling system, automatic alarm system and smoke control system. Beijing Four Seasons Hotel
Fire control project of Beijing Fengtai Mall underground garage was completed by HYXD, including the fire hydrant system, manual alarm display area and the installation and maintenance of master station in fire control room. Beijing Fengtai Mall
The length of Hanzhong Chazhen Tunnel is 4171 meters which is the longest tunnel in east section of Hanzhong. HYXD provided a part of firefighting system and fire control products for Hanzhong Chazhen Tunnel and response for the installation and maintenance of them. Hanzhong Chazhen Tunnel
Part of fire engineering and fire equipment of Jilin Shan Jiang Hotel is designed to install and construct by Hengyuanxinda Corporation, including automatic fire alarm system, indoor hydrant system, mechanical smoke control and extraction system, and fire-resisting rolling shutter system. Jilin Shan Jiang Hotel
The fire-fighting equipment of Lanzhou Airport is provided by Hengyuanxinda Technology Group Co, Ltd., which includes lobby fire-fighting equipment and fire protection system, automatic fire alarm system and explosion-proof type fire alarm system. Lanzhou Airport