Main Application of MSWJ950:

Suitable for houses, tourist places, entertainment venues, hotels, offices, and also for cars, ships and other vehicles. It can quickly put out initial fires caused by flammable solid materials (A-type Fire), oil (B-type Fire) and 36kV-high-voltage electrical appliances (E-type Fire) etc.

Characteristics of MSWJ950:

The water-based extinguishing agent MSWJ950 adopted is an efficient one. When used, the foam will rapidly release a water film that can form an obstructive layer on the burning oil coverage, which will work with the foam layer to seal the whole oil surface. The obstructive and foam layers are peculiar in self-coalescent, namely even if the water film and foam layer were broken, the water film could quickly form to prevent recrudescence. One outstanding advantage of MSWJ950 extinguisher when putting out fires is anti-recrudescence performance.

Besides, the extinguishing agent is featured in flame-retarding, penetrating and thickening. When putting out the A-type fire, the agent can rapidly penetrate into the A-type flammable materials and adhere to their surface, to enhance the anti-recrudescence ability thus improving fire-extinguishing effect.

Main Specifications: