Main Application of MSWZ/2 Red:

The fire extinguisher is mainly suitable for the configuration in a combustible solid material fire (A-type fire) place, such as shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, hotels, schools, tourist places, recreational venues, as well as textile, rubber, plastics, paper products, coal mines and other places

Also suitable for the allocation of vehicles, ships, airports, stations, docks, gas stations, etc. where have combustible liquid fire (B-type fire).

Besides It can be applied in places that are related to electrical appliances fires (E-type) such as indoor and outdoor transformers of voltage below 36 kV, oil-immersed switches and transformer substations.

Characteristics of MSWZ/2 Red:

(1) Clean and environmentally friendly: as this product uses clean water and environmental water-type extinguishing agent, when used, it’s non-toxic, odorless and no residues such as dust left, causes no secondary pollution to the environment, harmless to the atmospheric ozone layer. It’s a good environmental product.

(2) Convenient to use: when used, the water mists sprayed are highly visible that can reduce smokes and toxic effects. It’s helpful for evacuation and firefighters putting out fires. Both old and young can use it.

(3) Safe and reliable: the water-mist extinguisher sprays fine water droplets that have good electrical insulation of voltage up to 36kV. It can guarantee firefighters’ safety when putting out fires of electrical appliances and removing fire hazards of this kind (E-type).

Main Specifications: