Characteristics of Water-based Extinguishing Agent Filled in Fire Extinguisher:

The premixed water-type extinguishing agent filled is an efficient one that with good fluidity and thermal stability, rapid fire control, high capacity of anti-recrudescence, non-toxic, non-pollution, and 100% biological degradation etc.

Main Application :

The fire extinguisher is mainly used in manufacturing enterprises which produce wood, textiles, rubber and plastics, pedlars' market and coal mines that have organic solids where A-type fires may occur. It can also be applied to airport, dock, station, gas station and oil depot where B-type fires may occur. When filled with anti-soluble AFFF foam extinguishing agent, the extinguisher can also be used in chemical industries of petrochemical aids, paint and alcohol as well as in warehouses storing solar solvent.

Main Technical Specifications:

Note: /3 is the valid distance of sprayer of water-based fire extinguisher